The Great Escape!


Sangria was not impressed with the change! A serenade of angry mooing lulled me to sleep that night, once the terror instigated by whatever made that alarming screeching noise abated. She seemed to be figuring out the new situation by feeding time the next morning. Today, however, she seemed to be pretty nervous about the horses. After I dropped off the hay and grain, she still hadn’t come by, still hanging out by the calf barn (but on the field side). Mooing at me to chastise me for “not” feeding her.

So I went in there, spent ten or fifteen minutes convincing her to come over to where the hay (and horses!) were… how do you explain things to a cow? I don’t know. Anyway, we got over there. It was raining like a freaken monsoon, so I had put the hay under this rustic sort of shelter so it wouldn’t just get stomped into the mud. I eventually convinced her to try eating some of it, but then a HORSE came along!

Not a HORSE, you say? Indeed, a horse! Suitably terrified, Sangria retreated. So I brought her a few leafs of hay from the bale to eat near some trees and she seemed satisfied. She was, until Chester (the jersey cow) came along. Apparently Chester is the Big Cow Around Town now that the others are gone. And he’s a LITTLE bit scared of horses. Only a little. But Sangria is scared of him. She’ll figure it all out soon. She’ll get hungry enough, then she’ll find her spot in the pecking (chomping) order.  OR SO I THOUGHT!

In the horrible pouring endless rain, I drove down that end for a reason. Passing the cow barn, I looked to see if the goats were hanging out in Sangria’s old stall, since I left it open with a bunch of hay since it was so rainy. Maybe they would like to stay dry and eat in there? Well yes, they would, but so would… SANGRIA!

I have NO IDEA how she got out. No one let her. I would’ve heard her knock a fence down. Did she jump? Am I caring for the legendary COW THAT JUMPED OVER THE MOON? I am keeping an eye on all dishes and spoons, I can tell you that.

Honestly, the rain today is just miserable and I can totally picture her just being like “heck this!” And getting back to her nice stall by whatever means necessary. But HOW! HOW DID SHE DO IT!


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