Winter: Not an Appropriate Nesting Season

003Sad news from the duckling front, we’ve lost five of them. Turns out having baby birds in winter is not a smart idea. The ducks really screwed that one up. Even with their heat lamp and everything! It has, however, been almost four days since the last duckling death, so I’m feeling pretty confident the rest (pictured here!) will be ok.

I felt bad thinking about tiny ducklings just being thrown in the garbage. How do y’all feel about duckling taxidermy? I’ve got enough of them to make an action-packed tableau.

In happier (?) news, this morning Sangria the cow decided to chase me as I walked up to the boy goats pen. She wanted to eat the hay I was carrying. Never mind that I had just put new hay in her stall. Also forget the hay I put out for the girl goats, which she was already eating when I left. It was vital that she get a taste of the hay (all from the same bale) I was carrying! So I’ve got this cow trotting along beside me and I’m trying to keep the hay from being devoured before it gets where it’s going… it’s icy and slippery out. She must’ve stopped to chew for a second or something, because I got a little ahead of her. Since it was very important that she eat this hay, she ran to catch up with me. If you want to scare the heck out of someone, just place them on icy ground and point an excited cow at them. A 400lb calf sliding on ice, unable to stop, right AT ME. I’m not the most eloquent, so I find it difficult to accurately convey the flash of mortal terror I felt before her hooves found purchase and she put on the brakes. Close call, cow!


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