009Naked Chicken looks just like Chicken who lives with the calves, but she lives down with the chickens. And has a naked neck. She appeared suddenly up at the calf barn two days ago when I was feeding them, causing me to immediately think that my dog had somehow attacked Chicken in a way to cause her to lose all her neck feathers. My dog is a) a dummy and b) only just learning how to NOT chase every freaken animal he sees. So, in a panic, I rushed around the side of the barn looking for some kind of feathery evidence to support this idea… all I found was Chicken. OK, all is well, Naked Chicken probably just got cold and decided to move up here and hang out in the hay. Or maybe she was getting picked on for being a naked weirdo. Amazingly, all this time I thought she was naked BECAUSE the other chickens picked on her. Chickens are known to peck one another and whatnot. I just CALLED her Naked Chicken because she’s NAKED! Turns out, Naked-Neck Chicken is a breed of chicken. They have naked necks. Learning every day!


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