Make Way for Ducklings!

008Peep peep! That’s the duckling alarm! I decided I needed to move some hay bales from the big barn to the hay barn, since the hay barn has been empty for a bit. The big barn isn’t finished yet, so the main hay supply is blocked off from Treacherous Goats by big plywood boards, and I have to move them and climb up the massive bale piles to get one every time I go feed the animals. I have become tired of this because it makes me want to procrastinate, and I don’t WANT to procrastinate. I was feeling energetic and decided to get the truck and move some hay to the more-accessible hay barn.

But guess what happened then! When Roberto showed up to help me stack the hay at the hay barn, he found a nest of ducklings under one of the floorboards! (The hay barn isn’t finished yet either, that’s why they were so easy to spot.) There were TWELVE ducklings, one still trying to hatch, and three more eggs. The lil hatchling didn’t make it unfortunately, and those last three eggs may not have been viable, who knows. But twelve out of sixteen is pretty good, I think. Why the ducks decided to have babies in the dead of winter is beyond me, but they picked a cozy spot. Maybe they also know they would be caught, and that the humans would then fix up a chicken coop with a heat lamp and all the latest in duck amenities! Clever girl. Living in duck luxury, now. Duxury.

They spent the night in a big tub in the house while the coop was getting renovated. I peeked in there one time in the evening but I couldn’t see much since all the babies were keeping warm under their mum, who also glared at me like “hey! Babies are sleeping!” In the morning I got a much better look when mum went for a little walk and a bath in the creek. I wonder if she heard us talking about how bad they smelled! (So rude of us, sorry, Duck!) They are teeny fluff balls, still egg-sized. They say “Peep peep peep!” all day long. When the mum got back, she counted them (really!) and scooted them all back underneath her. Keep warm, little ducklings!


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